How much can we pack into three months for one client: A showreel...

PSA Group

Our longest-standing client challenges us on a daily basis. Of course. And the better we respond, the harder the challenges get.

After more than twenty years together, imagine how well the partnership works.

A lot of the work we do with the PSA Group is centred around the network of local retailers (dealers) that sell their cars. We help those retailers with their local marketing. We make it easier for them to do more marketing, more efficient marketing and marketing that's consistent with what the brands are doing at national level.

That way, there is more visibility. 



This quick showreel shows some of the work we've done in Q3 2019, and how we engaged with a huge percentage of the network. Why were the dealers so smitten? Simply because the materials we provided for them were so relevant and gave them access to media channels they'd never been confident enough to explore.

It's the team we put around this activity, the people at the end of the phone for the retailers, that makes this type of engagement achievable.

Anyway, take a look at the video. We're really proud of the work, and particularly pleased with the stats.

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