Local Business is surviving Lockdown

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At We Are Acuity, we believe in the value and power of local business and how important it is to any thriving community.

We advocate:
  • Taking the needs of your local community into account
  • A more personalised service
  • Developing relationships with the people around you
  • Making it feel like your business is focussed on them

“But EVERYTHING’S done online these days!”

Until Lockdown One, last March, online sales represented less than 20% of spend. In the three years before that the figure rose only slowly from 16% to around 18% (with some Christmas spikes at 22%). Figures are from Statista.

So, no, online shopping is a long way from being EVERYTHING.

Yes, the numbers have fluctuated wildly in the last year, with some peaking at around 33%. Even the most brutal restrictions in more than a generation haven’t broken ‘local’. And we’re confident that spending behaviour will return to pre-Covid mode when the virus is under control. We’re a social species, we crave it.

And, let's not confuse ‘local’ with ‘independent’. National and global brands and franchises all have LOCAL representation. The principles I listed above apply equally to these, if not more so.

Online and offline activity aren't mutually exclusive either. A local business will always benefit from a strong digital presence, even if they aren't able to actually sell online.
Engaging with the local community using social channels, website and email is essential to ensure they are present in all stages of the customer journey.

Let’s #savelocalbusiness – we have the strategy, tools and people to help.

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