Local Marketing – don't panic, it’s not just about this month’s target


The most common mistake we see retailers make when it comes to their own, local marketing, is the profound focus on the ‘here and now’.

‘We’ve got targets to hit, so let’s get those…

… Emails sent’

... Facebook ads posted’

… Banners placed’

- or whatever their current, favourite silver bullet is.


The constant battle to immediately shift stock in line with HQ’s ever-changing time and volume goalposts is in-grained in their psyche. So much so that instigating a behavioural change is almost impossible.

Or is it?

There is a way - and when it’s set out clearly we’ve seen radical improvements at organisations of every size.

And, when I say ‘…set out clearly…’, that bit’s really important.

Too often HQ uses marketing jargon. It can be alien, and alienating, to those people who are responsible for marketing at local level – they’re not always an expert. Give them easy-to-follow help and they will follow.

One of the tools we provide is a template that sets out, in layman’s terms, what the typical buying-cycle is in their sector. We suggest what they could be doing to support every part of that journey, not JUST the sell part.

  • How can they raise awareness locally, and when?
  • What are the best ways of building reputation amongst prospects?
  • Where does customer retention fit in?

We set it all out and provide even beginners with something they will find enjoyable to use. And it will demonstrably improve lead generation at the times they need it most. You can get a copy of our template, just click the link below...

I'd like a copy of the Buyer Cycle Template


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