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FREE: #2 Customer Journey at a Local Level Webinar.

In this 30 minute Webinar We Are Acuity will show you how you can create brilliant customer experiences at a local level with your marketing. 

Customer experience is usually taken care of at a national level yet delivered on a local level through retailers, dealers or partners who are often focused on delivering short term sales. 

So, why is planning largely ignored at this crucial customer touchpoint? And how can you make it easier for your local marketing managers and teams on the ground to take care of the whole of the customer journey?

In the recording we will cover:

  • The challenges of creating tailored experiences at a local level
  • Four simple steps that will help you and your partners  to attract and convince new customers, and then sell to them at the RIGHT moment
  • Where and when to be marketing
  • A cost-effective and easy-to-operate system that’s already being used by some of the UK’s biggest and best brands that sell through their own networks of outlets and vendors..

To learn how you can increase your footprint and share of voice by harnessing your retailers’ own spend, simply enter your details here.

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