How to use relevancy to maximise ROI in your local marketing.

If we know how to build audiences to fit our business objectives...and discover how to target that audience with advertising messages that 'magically' appear at exactly the right time...imagine the ROI we would see!

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7 Deadly Sins of Local Marketing.

We Are Acuity have been in and around local marketing for over 20 years now. We love this space…it’s where transactions take place…it’s hectic, competitive and great fun.

Our observations have revealed a few places where brands might not do things in the most effective way. There were seven areas. So we’ve called them the 7 Deadly Sins of Local Marketing. They’re not sins, of course, but it’s a fun headline, right?

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Four clever ways to make your brand personal and local.

Personalised and localised marketing campaigns achieve cut through and better results, however they have been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to implement. UNTIL NOW

A combination of the latest technology and our hard-fought experience creating localised campaigns for major national brands means we can show you how you can deliver relevant local marketing at scale.

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The Customer Journey at Local Level

The customer experience is usually taken care of at a national level yet delivered at a local level through retailers, dealers or partners who are often focused on delivering short term sales.

So, why is planning largely ignored at this crucial customer touchpoint? And how can you make it easier for your local marketing managers and teams on the ground to take care of the whole of the customer journey?

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