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FREE: #1 Precision Local Marketing Webinar.

In this 30 minute Webinar We Are Acuity will show you how you can create highly personalised and localised marketing campaigns that can generate a high return with low effort.

Personalised and localised marketing campaigns achieve cut through and better results, however they have been prohibitively expensive and time consuming to implement. UNTIL NOW.

A combination of the latest technology and our hard fought experience creating localised campaigns for major national brands means we can show you how you can deliver relevant local marketing at scale.

In this recording we will cover the following areas:

  • The benefits of localised marketing
  • The challenges in achieving truly local marketing
  • Technology  – Local Marketing Hubs 
  • In-house vs Managed Approach
  • Case Study 
  • Q&A

To learn how you can increase your footprint and share of voice by harnessing your retailers’ own spend, simply enter your details here.

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