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Local Marketing Platform. Your voice with regional accents.

Being local is natural for small, independent businesses, and naturally many have jumped on this as an opportunity to drum up support in the area – shouting loudly and proudly about their independence. But how do larger national or even global brands engage with local audiences and become truly relevant in local communities to achieve success?


Simply put, We Are Acuity have made marketing far easier for our dealers. Giving them a Local Marketing Hub contributes massively to the network's effectiveness. We have found projects that are managed on behalf of dealers increase their marketing reach, often at a cost way below anything achievable on a dealer-by-dealer basis.

Jodie Brooke
Communications Manager

A Local Marketing Hub is the answer.

Savvy multi-location brands leverage the power of a Local Marketing Hub at the centre of their distributed marketing activity. It links your brand, agency and network together, meaning that shared information and assets becomes the norm. That in turn makes creating perfectly targeted local marketing campaigns a much more streamlined, satisfying and effective process.

Computer screens displaying Local Marketing Hubs

How a Local Marketing Hub helps.

A Local Marketing Hub as we call it, is designed to be an online one-stop shop for all your local partners, whether branches, retailers, dealers, franchisees, venues, or affiliates. It’s a vital marketing resource for multi-locations brands.

It will become their ‘go-to’ for everything from campaign news and updates to marketing assets and materials, supporting them with campaign planning and media booking as well as best-practice guidance and marketing training.

This approach, also described as Marketing Asset Management as well as Distributed Marketing has been around for a few years now. As a multi-location brand, you’ve probably already integrated it to some degree into your marketing strategy.

With 25+ years' experience in this area we have a huge amount of experience. This means we can advise on your existing system, or help you find the right one that suits your needs.

Distributed Marketing.

Businesses that invest in a distributed approach to their local marketing enjoy a large set of advantages over their more passive competitors.

• Improved local marketing relevance
• Increased brand awareness
• Greater brand consistency
• Faster campaign activation
• Reduced production costs
• Greater marketing effectiveness
• Higher local marketer satisfaction
• Better reporting

A template strategy is a must-have when it comes to distributed marketing and is far more flexible than you might imagine. Your brand values, messaging and guidelines are adhered to, but the templates allow you to become relevant locally, personally, or even better – both!

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The beauty of this template approach means that each asset is created just once, and is available to every part of your network. Not only does this drive efficiency and boost ROI, it provides consistency across the network with global messages amplified by each local outlet. It's global creative, delivered locally.

If you'd like to find out how a Local Marketing Platform might help your brand's local marketing, click below to read our FREE White Paper. Or if you'd like to read more about how local marketing can help brands get a competitive edge have a look at our blog page 'Local Thinking'.

Alternatively get in touch with us today for a chat about growing your local business.

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Why distributed marketing is the answer.

It's a way of empowering your local partners, whether franchisees, resellers, dealers, or sales representatives, to do more local marketing within their territory.

Whilst following the same principles and best practices as brand marketing generally, distributed marketing focusses on the processes, tools and teams that make your brand assets and messaging available to these local affiliates, while helping to ensure that they are used in a consistent, effective and brand compliant way.

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