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A Creative Blueprint. Part 1.

A creative blueprint
A while ago, we documented We Are Acuity’s core processes to create a blueprint for how we operate as an agency. Along with how we recruit, onboard, manage jobs etc. we wrote down our creative process too. No mean feat when you consider how contrasting clients are, how varied the tasks can be and the different outcomes each brief requires. We couldn’t dictate how to be creative, but we could identify key stages and note things to consider. I thought I’d share it as they might give you ideas, reaffirm your own processes or you might tell us how we could improve.

If we want to solve a problem, we need to fully comprehend what the problem is. We put a huge emphasis on reading a client’s brief, reading it again (and again) and then reading between the lines by putting ourselves in their shoes to feel their pain points. We then answer the following:

What are we being asked to deliver?
We need to scope the job and assemble the right people to deliver it.

Why are we being asked to deliver it?
This can sometimes mean questioning the client’s rationale because they might be briefing us a solution rather than a problem.

Who is the target audience?
Who are we talking to and what do they respond to.

Is our task part of something bigger?
The bigger picture may affect our solution, we might be able to focus on one aspect because the audience already knows a lot, or we may need to work within an already defined creative.

What could possibly go wrong?
We always try to identify potential issues before they arise, we research, look at where our deliverables will be used and ask questions if anything is unclear.

From there, we can start planning our response.

The more we put into planning, the easier we make it for ourselves when we move into production. It’s a continuation of the scoping and helps us quote the job properly. Thorough planning often enables us to quote a tiered approach and offer different levels of solution. The process includes:

Determining what we’re trying to achieve for the client.
Awareness, enquiries, sales, clicks?

Resourcing based on available budget.
eg. Commission a photoshoot, buy rights-managed stock, high-end royalty free or budget stock?

Checking any supplied assets like copy or images.
Are they fit for purpose, or do we need to allow for additional assets?

Thinking about the best tactics to employ.
Which media channels will work best, can our solution be template based to make future edits easier? That sort of thing.

Cross-agency collaboration.
Are other agencies involved such as media buyers and how can we build good relationships with them?

Overviewing deliverables.
We often draw up a diagram of each item we’re planning and where they fit into the project, we find it helps with both ours and our client’s understanding.

After that, the creative fun starts. Look out for part 2 of the We Are Acuity Creative Blueprint!

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