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A day in the life of a Junior Designer.

A Junior Designer's computer screen.

Ever wondered what’s it like to be part of a design agency studio team? Maybe you’re interested in getting into a similar role? Our Creative Producer Justin tells you all about it.

A typical day for me begins with our all-agency meeting and a morning riddle from Archie to kick start our day. It’s a fun way to get our minds in to gear for the day ahead. Following that, I have a brief catch up session with the studio team. I often find myself working on multiple client projects simultaneously. Balancing these tasks can be demanding, but I love the challenges it brings.

Throughout the day, I collaborate with Graeme our Creative Lead, seeking his guidance and feedback. I present my designs and listen to his insights. His expertise not only helps me improve my work, but it also expands my knowledge in design and pushes me to think outside the box.

As with any job, unexpected challenges arise in this field too. For example, a client might request last minute changes on a project where ideas were agreed upon and finalised. However, I've learnt to adapt to these challenges and utilise these as opportunities for growth. Therefore, problem solving becomes part of my day and finding creative solutions excites me.

One of the projects I worked on recently involved designing a brand identity for a local client. We began with a compass meeting, where the team discussed the brief in depth and assign responsibilities. The brief looked interesting, especially as I was able create some of my illustrations, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, it turned out to be more challenging than anticipated, requiring me to overcome numerous obstacles. Fortunately, I had a fantastic team to collaborate with and the client was pleased with the final deliverables, resulting in a successful outcome.

As a Junior Designer, every day is a chance to learn, create, and contribute to Acuity. It's a rewarding journey that allows me to grow as an artist while making a meaningful impact to our agency. And I can't wait to tackle the next challenge and where this journey takes me.

If you like the idea of joining a team like ours, whether you are from a creative, technical or client service/project management background, or even if you are new to the agency world, then just have a look at our careers page. We are always keen to talk to the right people!

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