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A year at We Are Acuity.

A little while ago I (Archie Finnie) wrote an article on my first few months with We Are Acuity. Re-reading that recently made me realise how quickly I was able to get stuck into some really great work, but also how much further my time here has developed & evolved with time. With July marking a year since I started working at Acuity, I thought it would be as good a time as ever to write about my time here.
My first few months were focussed heavily on one client, and this was great for me to learn the ropes as a Delivery Manager & I had such great support from the whole team, especially Mike Darvill & Tiffany Wilcox as my managers. Since then, I have gone on to work as the Delivery Manager on a whole host of exciting & fun briefs from many clients. Whether it be managing a new Direct Mail piece for St John Ambulance or ensuring delivery of digital marketing assets for DS Automobiles UK, my experience has certainly grown. Developing my relationships with the whole team over the last year, especially the talented studio team, has meant that I feel so much more confident & knowledgeable when it comes to scheduling different projects & allocating tasks.
I have been able to get out on the road much more this year too. As I recently posted about, me & the team have been on dealership visits, I’ve been a part of intro meetings with new clients, & recently got the train up to Coventry to chat with some of our clients at Stellantis UK HQ, Pinley House. Although the flexibility of hybrid working can often be a benefit, getting hands-on, so to speak, can be so beneficial & make a nice change from the laptop.
In addition to the more traditional aspects of my role, I have been able to learn the art of #digital #marketing across platforms like FacebookGoogle and LinkedIn. Many thanks to Zoey Davis for being my teacher on this. Since learning this, I have run successful digital marketing campaigns for Citroen UK and Mazda UK. This highlights something about Acuity that I appreciate the most – you are supported in learning new things & if you want to get on board with a project, there will be an opportunity to do so, something Peter Cronin has always encouraged me to do.
12 months later, my morning Riddles are still going strong too! Being able to lead the morning meetings every day has played a huge part in growing my confidence in speaking to larger groups of people. While these calls are only ever approximately 30 minutes, they give so much value in looking ahead at what people have on their to-do list for that day & I always leave the meeting feeling like everybody is heading in the same direction.
This was my first experience working marketing agency side but it has been such a blast so far, with 2 days rarely being the same. If you are interested in working agency-side or want to find out more about what exactly that means for you, have a look at We Are Acuity's careers page here. We are actively recruiting right now!

It's your chance to join a company recognised on DesignRush's Best Social Media Marketing Companies for all the great work we have been doing for brands and their Social Media marketing efforts. Check out our DesignRush profile here.

Or alternatively read more about Local Marketing on our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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