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AI - the future of marketing and everything else.

AI is changing everything

With the rise of #AiGeneratedContent using #Midjourney or other Ai tools, you can’t help but feel like its getting harder and harder to trust your own eyes. It’s happening quickly too. A few months ago, you would scroll through social media and find posts from Ai generated people to a selection of photorealistic new animal hybrids like a Gorilla mixed with a Rhino. Now you can watch TikTok for a few scrolls and hear a full 10 minute conversation between celebrities, none of which are legitimately in the conversation!

One of the most popular Ai voices is Joe Rogan who obviously has endless hours of his voice recorded online for his podcast, #TheJoeRoganExperience. Systems can download that data and create a like-for-like version of his voice that will read whatever words are typed in by the user.

The possibilities of the constantly evolving tech are endless and there are some cool ways to utilise it such as adding your favourite artist to feature on a song that they were never on or just having a laugh at that recent trend of the Pimped-out Pope wearing flash jewellery and puffer jackets. There is demand for it too as individuals trained in using such systems run courses to teach people how to use it and get paid to create bespoke requests.

It can’t be an entirely good thing though…surely. You’d imagine it is only a matter of time before you see AND hear your favourite celebrity endorsing a product that they have no idea about. Would that be allowed? Legal? It’s difficult to know but it could be becoming easier and easier for people and businesses to do. If anybody has seen the BBC series #TheCapture, you would know just how powerful this kind of tech could be in the near future.

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