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Acuity Menu

Are you really being supported by your Marketing Agency?

Are you an ambitious Brand or Marketing Manager, managing a network of local partners of any sort? If so, it could be useful to pause for a moment and ask yourself ‘Are we collectively making the most of our local marketing opportunities?’

Stores, branches, dealerships, wholesalers, franchisees, affiliates, venues…call them what you will…if you operate through multiple points on the map, then it’s worth making sure you are leveraging that local presence effectively to activate your brand.

To take full advantage, you want your network to be consistent with your own brand messages and in synch with your national marketing timings and plans. It’s also vital that the customer journey isn’t fragmented or confusing, the brand’s promise is delivered, and you maximise the local sales opportunity. So what do you think?

If your answer is a confident ‘YES!’ then well done you! You will be reaping multiple benefits. But for many there will be a pause for reflection, and that nagging feeling that things could be being done better. If so, let’s think about what’s stopping you? You clearly are used to the typical challenges of:

  • Visibility of local marketing and brand compliance.
  • Knowing what local marketing is working and what isn’t.
  • Finding effective software and systems that empower your network.
  • A lack of local marketing expertise and know-how in the network.
  • Delivering large numbers of campaigns and assets to stakeholders.

But what about your agency? With such a challenging role, you need an agency partner that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you. One that understands a distributed marketing approach and the intricacies of local marketing. If you aren’t 100% sure you are getting the support you need, then why not use our simple 10 Questions to Ask your Marketing Agency to benchmark them here. It’s a FREE download and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

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