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Are you really benefiting from Marketing Asset Management?

Are you really benefiting from Marketing Asset Management?

Are you really benefiting from your Marketing Asset Management System? And how? Do you really have a system that is comprehensive enough? Is it the ‘right one’?

You know your business and it’s challenges. You know your team, your systems and your processes. Only you can answer these questions and the best way is with an audit…

It’s time to hold up the mirror.

Where to begin?

As a start, if you have a ‘system’ or toolkit, it’s key to closely review your software supplier. Experience has shown some toolkit solutions don’t stack up by missing key features.

It’s not always an oversight. We see lots of examples of MAM systems offered by print companies or data re-sellers, it isn’t difficult to imagine which channels their systems will favour and how inadequate they’ll be when it comes to integrated campaigns.


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Then there is the software supplier themselves. How easy are they to deal with. Do they offer full support, a helpdesk and regular updates? How easy are templates to build, in fact can you find anyone to build them? Are you tied to the software supplier to build your templates? How does that effect costs, agility and flexibility?

Do you find the supplier is proactive in adding new features and functionalities to the system un-prompted as technology and the market moves forward. Or are you having to push them and always having to put your hand in your pocket. It shouldn’t be hard work!

‘System’ must-haves

Channel-independence is a must-have, and while there’ll be a cost attached to buying something like that, we think it’s outweighed by the cost of NOT having it.

We know that your network’s customers today are increasingly expecting a highly personalised experience from their local touchpoints. We’ve established that your network know their local customers better than anyone and we recognise that you’ve got a brand to build.

 The culture

Then there is the team that sits behind the ‘system’ and their ‘process’. It really is ‘a battle of hearts and minds’ out there. Have your team engaged the network or is there still a ‘them and us’ culture?

Are you still having to use ‘the big stick’ to get them to play ball or are you all working together for the common good of the brand.

Blowing your own

Are you able to provide solid stats to the Sales Team on demand, underwriting the value of local marketing and the network? Utilising Marketing Asset Management should mean you 
are collecting significant intelligence on what is working and what isn’t
in the network. 

Has this improved the standing of local marketing, giving you access to bigger budgets and attracting the attention of most the talented of staff?

Next steps…

If youvare feeling no affinity with the challenges and scenarios we’ve set out here then you’re probably utilising Marketing Asset Management exceptionally well. Things are running smoothly and you can rest easy knowing that you and your network are benefiting to the full. We’d love to hear more.

But if you’ve nodded your head along and recognised more than a few of these scenarios then it may be time to look into your options; and highlighting your concerns to your existing team and suppliers is a good start.

Check out our paper if you want more in depth ideas on how to really make your MAM work for you and your team:

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