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Garden shears and grass - Local Expert
One of the ways that We Are Acuity suggests local businesses engage meaningfully with communities is to become a go-to source for RELEVANT info.

Relevant to their sector (gardening, for example). And relevant to their target market (people who like gardening).

Becoming a thought-leader is a vital part of the awareness stage of the customer journey - often overlooked at local level.

Let's agree that TRUST plays a key role in our purchasing decisions. The phrase, 'People buy from people' is based very much on the trust principle.

Need some new shears? Have a chat with the expert at the garden centre, you'll most likely be reassured enough for the price to be less important.

But that expert needs to be there 24/7, online, especially now.

To do that businesses MUST have RELEVANT content on their website and social channels.

If you look at the search terms around 'garden shears' you'll be able to see what people are ACTUALLY trying to find out. Then you can create content (tutorials, FAQs etc) that will make YOU look like the expert.

Research is simple. Have a look at - see what people are really typing into Google when searching shears.

There's more great tips like this in our webinar -
How to use relevancy to maximise ROI in your local marketing

Or our eBook here:

Let’s #savelocalbusiness – we have the strategy, tools and people to help.

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