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Do brands get the win?

NFL Ball on cash

The NFL Super Bowl LVIII was contested on Sunday night and what a game it was.

Like every year, I stayed up long into the night to watch the game of the year. And being a San Francisco 49ers fan, I was even more invested this time round. I wasn’t disappointed in terms of entertainment but unfortunately the 49ers didn’t come away with the win. Gutted. But hopefully, to make up for it, the Niners are one of the teams visiting for the NFL UK games played later this year so I can see them live again.

As a lover of the game, I try not to get too distracted by all the hype that surrounds the big event but there’s no avoiding some of it as there’s just so much to be distracted by! There’s the week-long build-up, the Half-time show rumours, and of course, who could avoid the furore around this year’s mega star spectator, Taylor Swift. There to support one of the Chief's star players (think posh and becks x1000!).

Then there’s the big battle off the field. The one fought in the commercial breaks between brands vying for the most American audience attention. And this battle doesn’t come cheap, with the cost of a 30 second ad slot now costing up to $7m, brands really need to ensure that they get the most bang for their buck. And to do this, they need to spend even more money to get the big agencies, the big creatives, and of course the big stars involved in their campaigns.

This year’s offerings are looking like they are following the usual formula; a well-known face (or ten), high production values and often, a generous smattering of comedy. And to be fair, they are generally an entertaining watch. From Dunkin Donuts star-studded spot, to Jennifer Aniston forgetting her time in Friends to remember what Uber eats can offer, they certainly keep your interest to the end of the ad.

Being entertaining is all well and good, but are the huge amounts of money spent worth it? According to a YouGov Report, “looking at brands from the 2023 Super Bowl, it’s clear that these spots can deliver big results, with all 10 brands profiled improving in Ad Awareness”.

So, as there is evidence that it's worth the large investment, let's just pick favourites! I've got two... The first has got to be @Mr T putting the ‘T’ in Skechers. Mainly for its humour, but let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a bit of BA Baracus can you?

My second choice is the FanDuel campaign. The American Sportsbook firm have managed to get two years’ worth of content from their campaign, so you've got to love the efficiencies they’ve created by doing that. Sweating creative and brand assets is something We Are Acuity love to do for our clients and it makes a big difference to their ROI.

Take a look at our case studies to see how We Are Acuity work hard to squeeze every drop of value out of creative and brand assets to make our clients' investments go as far as possible. Why not schedule a FREE 30-minute assessment today here to find out how we can do the same for you?

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