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Does Local & Personal advertising REALLY make a difference?



Very much so…

But rather than end right there, let’s expand a little bit!

We’ve identified five different ways that you can help your network of retailers, outlets, dealerships, franchisees or venues (call them what you will) to maximise and leverage your national advertising budget with localisation or personalisation.


1. Encouragement

As simple as it sounds, providing your network with the guidance, tools and materials to easily make their OWN marketing localised and relevant can make a huge difference to the volume of marketing they undertake. And by helping them to stay on brand and on message, your brand’s marketing footprint then grows exponentially. It’s a win/win situation for all parties.


2. Be where the customer is looking.

Brands are National – Customers are Local. It’s an oft-used phrase, it’s actually become a little bit throwaway. But it’s never been more important. Consider these two well-accepted stats:

• Nearly 70% of Facebook users visit the LOCAL pages of business sites every week – not the brands’ own pages, but the local retailers’ pages.
• Comments and reviews are almost EXCLUSIVELY on the local retailers’ pages.

Are you making it easy for your retailers to update and maintain those properties - to build trust and awareness with local customers?


3. Telling a LOCAL story.

Local insight is where your retailers have the greatest advantage. They KNOW what their local market looks like, how it reacts, and what it wants.

They know where to be… when to be there... and what to say. If they’re including this insight in their marketing it tells a story…it gives them relevancy and it feels customer-focussed. This level of customer engagement is pretty much what’s expected these days...is your network a part of this landscape? They probably just need a bit of help to get it all together.


4. Precision targeting.

The targeting possibilities with digital advertising media are limitless these days, and geo-targeting makes local retailers’ marketing more effective than it’s ever been. But it can be complicated and off-putting – local managers rarely have the media skills to plan and execute campaigns with this level of audience-building included. Unless YOU provide them with the tools…


5. Shared data.

You’ll be using data to inform and drive your marketing now, more than ever. Data will be coming to you from a huge variety of sources, largely triggered by your own National activity. But the data that your retailers have - about ACTUAL customers, their buying patterns and behaviour – can help to fully optimise campaigns to make the customer journey personalised, relevant and seamless. How can you make that work?

By using a one of the latest Marketing Asset Management portals, with a committed team in support, all five of these key Retailer Marketing solutions could quickly and easily be put in place. Our Webinar: Precision Local Marketing walks you through the options that might suit your brand, just click the link below to see it now.


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