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Effective Retailer Marketing at Local Level: What’s stopping you?


First off…what do we mean by Retailer Marketing?

If you manage a network of retailers, of any sort, then this is for you. Stores, dealerships, wholesalers, franchisees, chains, venues…call them what you will…if you operate through multiple points on the map, then we call that Retailer Marketing or Distributed Marketing.

In an ideal world, you want your network to be consistent with your own brand messages and in synch with your national marketing timings and plans. It’s vital that the customer journey isn’t fragmented or confusing

So what’s stopping that from happening?

We see six very common problems. Perhaps you’ll recognise some yourself. Thankfully, there’s a single solution that deals very ably with each of them and it’s already being used by some of the strongest brands out there.

1. There’s a knowledge gap.

We often find that there’s quite a knowledge gap at Retailer level. They rarely have specialist skills in marketing and lack the confidence to plan and execute anything other than the most basic activities. The words ‘Localisation’, ‘Personalisation’, ‘Brand Awareness’ and ‘Targeting’ are most likely to be alien concepts.

2. Retailers are too slow to react.

Your retailers are usually busy doing things other than marketing. So they’re too slow to react to any tactical changes in the market because they don’t have the marketing tools at hand to move quickly...this lag stops national from being properly synched with local marketing.

3. Local marketing isn’t always measured.

Your own world is totally measurable, but your retailers’ marketing isn’t. They often can’t see the positive impact that targeted local marketing could bring. If only they had the same tools as you when it came to analysing marketing performance.

4. They’re not making best use of digital channels.

Is your national marketing heavily biased to digital media? We guess so. But are your retailers up to speed? It’s seen as very difficult to activate truly localised digital campaigns that promote your retailer network, there often aren’t the skills or systems out there to make it happen.

5. You don’t know what they’re doing, or when.

Your manager has asked you what the network is doing in the next quarter – it’s the question you hate…if only you had real-time visibility on planned activity and spend out in the network.

6. There’s no budget for Local Marketing.

Probably the biggest issue we see. You’d love to give your retailers more marketing support but there’s been another round of budget cuts. It shouldn’t cost THAT much to add considerably to the leverage that national and local could give to one another. Is there a way?

There really is.

One of the latest Marketing Asset Management portals, with a committed team in support, can genuinely deal with each of these problems. And in nearly all cases, the cost of implementation is usually seen as irrelevant given the cost savings on production and efficiencies that follow adoption.

Our Webinar: Precision Local Marketing walks you through the options that might suit your brand, just click the link below to see it now.


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