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Franchise sectors smashing it in 2023.

A few weeks back I visited the The International Franchise Show at ExCeL London. Hands up, it was the first time I can remember visiting a specialist #franchise show, despite having worked with a significant number of franchised brands over the last 25 years.

I was drawn in by the prospect of 250 brands showcasing their products & services, across 25 sectors from all around the world. A really exciting opportunity to immerse myself in this vibrant, diverse, & innovative approach to business. To see how different sectors & brands do things and to learn a thing or two. Oh, & I was meeting a few LinkedIn friends face-to-face as well, which is always a pleasure.

The team at We Are Acuity are well versed in national to local marketing for brands operating through local partners whether franchisees, branches, retailers, dealers, or affiliates. As many of you know we help them activate their brands at local level. And we’re pretty good at it too. But we’re always open to new ideas & new ways of doing things! What would we find at the show? It was an exciting opportunity!

According to a recent survey commissioned by the British Franchise Association (The BFA) & NatWest, there are more than 900 franchisor brands operating in the UK, with just over 44,000 franchisee outlets between them. The sector provides jobs for over 620,000 people & it turns over around £15.1billion a year. Even more excitingly it’s a successful & sustainable way to operate a business. The BFA says around 97% of franchisees have reported turning a profit for more than 20 years consecutively.

So what did I find out on the day & which businesses are set to see the most success in 2023?
Food & beverage industry - The food industry has seen an incredible amount of success over the years. The industry has a turnover of more than $112billion. The show was buzzing with Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) from all around the globe & their audience was highly engaged.

Fitness & Wellness chains - more than ever consumers have been conscious of improving their health. According to Shopify, the health & wellness market is set to hit $7 trillion in revenue by 2025. Lots of exciting brands at the show from Pilates to Boxing.

Beauty service providers - generates over $100 billion in revenue worldwide & is only set to increase to $276 billion by 2030. Since the pandemic there’s been a boon in physical outlets on High Streets as we’ve highlighted before in our blog.

Cleaning services - always in demand. The industry has seen a 20% growth every year within residential cleaning. The cleaning industry generates up to $6.5 billion in revenue. Some great new arrivals at the show from the US.

Property management services - are producing $29.2 billion in revenue within the UK & are set to see a 5.5% increase in the upcoming year. Another huge growth area with plenty of arrivals from the US.

If you are a new franchise launching in the UK we'd love to have a chat! Get in touch with We Are Acuity today for a FREE marketing audit by clicking HERE.

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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