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Halfords Autocentre

During my time in automotive comms & marketing I’ve been fortunate enough to drive many a ‘brand new’ car. It’s only the last 5 or 6 years when working automotive agency-side where I’ve had a proper taste of being the consumer. Before that I was OEM-based, changing cars every 3 or 4 months before the mats were dirty or the kids had real opportunity to spill something on the back seat. Getting into new product regularly was a benefit of the role after all.

Today I’m no longer picking from the company car spreadsheet & it’s not somebody else’s problem when my car needs to be serviced. Being a real consumer is a bit of an eye opener to be honest.

So I’m pleased to share I recently had a fantastic experience at my local Halfords Autocentre in Uxbridge. Hands up, I didn’t actually know Halfords had an Autocentre in Uxbridge until I started searching online, but it turns out I’ve driven past it many a time and it’s 10 minutes from home. Perfect.

While it could do with a bit of exterior punch to increase visibility & some local awareness activity to raise exposure, the experience of booking online & visiting was pleasantly surprising. I was already buoyed by the fact that the particular service I was looking for was £100 cheaper than when booking with the OEM retailer, which wasn’t local to me either. The website experience felt right, email & SMS confirmations were on point, their team were expecting me when I arrived & knew what I had booked (which should be a given but often isn’t in my experience of aftersales). On arrival I also spoke to their team about a tyre issue totally unrelated to the service I had booked, which led to a free tyre check & a further £25 to repair a slow puncture. Upselling, but done in the right way, the value of which far outweighed the spend on my part.

It got me to thinking that I hadn’t necessarily had Halfords on my original consideration list for vehicle servicing. Are they on yours?

My go to thinking was the Audi UK retailer, someone like Kwik-Fit (GB) Ltd or other local trading estate garages. Halfords in my head had always been stores with bikes and tents, but here they are on my doorstep offering a great auto service. As a marketing professional there would absolutely be tweaks I’d make to their local activity to boost awareness & capture those digital clicks, but as an aftersales customer they ticked all the right boxes. Looking into things a bit further it turns out that 75% of Halfords total sales now comes from its motoring division with a firm aim of becoming a one stop shop for motoring ownership.  And they’re just launching a new campaign to help drive things even further.


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