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How does brand consistency help businesses?


Savvy big brands in all sectors, spend thousands trying to achieve absolute consistency across all customer touch points. With so many parties involved, it’s not a simple job. It can require a huge amount of time & effort from the brand, as well as strong coordination & communications with all stakeholders.

They want their audience to have a single brand experience. Whether coming from the brand or a local marketer there needs to be a level of consistency. We Are Acuity couldn’t agree more. We have helped some of the world’s biggest brands with this very challenge. But are we sensible? Or misguided?

We asked our old friend #chatgpt to see if we’ve been on the right path for the last 24 years. We asked, ‘How does brand consistency help businesses?’ This was the response:

Building brand recognition: Consistent messaging and visual elements, such as logos, colours, and tone of voice, can help customers quickly and easily recognise a brand, even in a crowded marketplace.

Establishing brand trust: Consistent performance in terms of quality and customer service can help establish trust with customers, who come to rely on a brand to deliver a dependable product or service.

Communicating brand values: Consistent messaging and actions can help communicate a brand's values, mission, and personality, allowing customers to form a deeper connection with the brand and understand what it stands for.

Providing a reliable customer experience: Consistent delivery of products, services, and customer support can help ensure that customers have a reliable and satisfying experience with a brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Facilitating brand differentiation: Consistent messaging and performance can help a brand stand out from its competitors and differentiate itself in the minds of customers.

Overall, consistency helps brands build recognition, establish trust, communicate values, provide a reliable customer experience, and differentiate themselves from competitors, all of which contribute to long-term business success.

So, it sounds like we are on the right track after all. Happy days.

But we also know maintaining consistency doesn’t have to be difficult. We know big brands want easy-to-use marketing resources for their local partners.

They know their local partners aren’t marketers at all but franchisees, restaurant managers, car dealers, shop owners, gym managers, parts store managers or some other front-line manager or leader.

They want easy to access consistent brand messaging in all markets at all times & they want quality campaigns that perform.

At We are Acuity that’s exactly what we do. Get in touch with We Are Acuity today for a FREE marketing audit by clicking HERE. We’d love a chat.

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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