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How to get your local network fit and future ready!

A local business
There’s a wide variety of businesses that operate from a central HQ with a network of local partners. Think of all the supermarket & fast-food chains, for example. Or franchises & their franchisees - from car dealerships to plumbers. And, many financial giants still operate with a local agents, often self-employed.

They all have one function in common. That’s the person, or people, with responsibility for marketing locally. In the case of a local insurance agent or franchised plumber, it’s likely to be that very person, of course.

Or in the case of a car dealership or supermarket, it might even be a small team or department. To us, they’re ‘The Locals’. It's a term of endearment, as they drive marketing activity where it really matters to them. In their local community, making their local business thrive.

Often in these businesses the person responsible for local marketing will also have a number of other hats to wear – Sales Manager, Head of Finance, HR Manager… you get the picture. Will they be genuine experts in any of these areas? Well, it’s unlikely. Yet of all those areas, it's marketing that's seen the most change in recent years. Leaving anybody that’s less knowledgeable…well, even less knowledgeable.

So, leaving them to their own devices is out of the question, right? If only that was the case! So what are the sins?

• Inadequate marketing training & materials for the Locals.
• Sporadic field-team visits to the Locals (where marketing is last on the list).
• Increasingly demanding sales targets without any marketing advice.
• Relentless promotional campaigns with little time to execute.
• No visibility on what marketing HQ is doing, to help the Locals to plan their own activity.

More than (almost) any other sins these are most convincingly dealt with by a Local Marketing Hub (also known as Marketing Asset Management (MAM)) and a great team of We Are Acuity local marketing experts supporting it of course. These sins are often the tipping point when multi-location brands realise they need help. Wise decision.

A well-run hub becomes the everyday, go-to portal for local partners. Engagement is driven by our team with calls, regular bulletins, surveys & marketing actions, for example. Effectively the hub and our team act as local marketing advisors, for hundreds of the Locals all at the same time.

How-to videos and step-by-step guides for all kinds of marketing techniques & channels can be hosted too, making it a library for everything Local. And remember, the live templates for all the current marketing activity means that local execution is painless, costs nothing in terms of production & makes everything on-time.

A Local Marketing Hub with a strong agency team on-board democratises marketing for all the Locals…it gives them the ‘expertise’ they need to compete in their own communities & business catchment – from planning & strategy through to media-buying & execution. Sound like a no brainer?

National to Local experts We Are Acuity have 25 years experience in effective local marketing for national brands. If you are impatient to know more, why not visit this page to download the full range of fascinating FREE ebooks today? Packed with tips, tricks and ideas it will be well worth your time. See you next week!

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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