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Online or Offline - Local business can still thrive

Local artisans benefit from national help.

At We Are Acuity we’ve been having some interesting discussions recently around our Vision - #savelocalbusiness

So many people assume we mean just bricks and mortar, and that ‘online’ will be the death of local business.

Local business can be online, offline or both!

Here’s a wonderful example of how localisation and personalisation, at scale and online, can be a great enabler.

Interflora introduced their eflora platform towards the end of 2020. It’s a multi-template based system with various module options depending on need. It allows small, independent florists to create and operate their own, bespoke ecommerce websites with a host of built-in features. Something that most of them would find difficult to achieve on their own. And any florist can subscribe, not just those linked to Interflora.

We love this idea. Empowering local artisans to do what they do best – create.

Having a professionally-run shop window like this means they can concentrate on making themselves stand out from the herd – adding their unique style, personality and flair to what they sell.

It actually gives them an advantage over the bigger, national operators who generally only supply the ‘usual’ fayre.

Well done Interflora.

Let’s #savelocalbusiness


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