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Internal Communications = getting on the same page.

Stellantis Performance Academy Branding

Effective local marketing drives brand engagement. It develops advocacy and builds real community amongst local audiences. It’s a genuine business opportunity and offers a serious competitive advantage for savvy multi-location bricks and mortar brands, particularly in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Most people think of this purely from the perspective of selling goods and services to customers. BUT all of the same skills, strategies, structures, and systems that apply there, also apply when it come to a multi-location brand’s own ‘internal marketing’, more commonly known as internal communications.

Engaging your local partners, whether employees, or franchised teams is vital to create a ‘one team’ culture rather than a ‘them and us’ environment. That gets you all ‘on the same page’, which, as you know, is helpful in all sorts of ways.

So when we were asked to help the world's fourth-largest automaker to support its UK training academy in driving engagement, improving communication and building community with its network of over 700 local franchise partners across more than 450 sites, we jumped at the chance. What a great opportunity!

The Stellantis Performance Academy is the sole provider of learning and development for all nine UK Stellantis brands offering an exceptional, forward thinking and sector leading resource for their franchised retailers. It really is first class.

But communicating, engaging, and marketing what they do, across such a broad and diverse network was a challenge that they wanted our support with. After a busy 12 months of research, strategy, planning and creative development, we launched this to the whole Stellantis Performance Academy head office team a few weeks ago. They are, without doubt, one of the most engaged, enthusiastic, and purposeful teams We Are Acuity have ever worked with, which has made it an absolute joy. And loads of fun too!

We had a great day; our work received a rapturous reception, and everyone is now fired up for the next 3 years of collaboration with a comprehensive new brand, tone of voice, guidelines, merchandise and all the foundations for real success. All we can say is watch this space for more news!

And if you’d like support with your brand’s internal comms, by adding a touch of local magic to bring relevancy, build engagement and develop community, please reach out to me! We have capacity in 2024.

If you fancy getting your multi-location business all on the same page, with that little bit of local magic, we are the Internal Communications (IC) experts. We're eager to partner with ambitious businesses in 2024. You can get in touch with We Are Acuity today for a FREE internal communications audit just click right HERE.

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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