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Introducing slow shopping.

A picture of Juttu in Bruges.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in #Bruges in December. We’d travelled there for the Christmas Markets, but what I was most delighted by was the Belgian take on local retail.
Although larger retail chains were undoubtedly scattered around the city, that familiar generic ambience was very much absent. Instead, the streets felt full of smaller shops with innovative retail brands & independents. Inspired by the retail safaris I enjoy so much from the likes of Ian Scott & Chris Igwe I thought I’d take some pictures and write up a few observations to share.
My love for travelling means whenever visiting a new place I find myself seeing it with an almost childlike enthusiasm. Everything feels new, inspiring, & different. On this occasion I have tried to put that to one side & be as objective as possible...
Clearly the #Belgians take huge pride in the presentation of their high streets & their shops, and they were all presented beautifully, with sumptuous window displays & sparkling Christmas lights. I really recommend visiting at this time of the year. But more than that, there also seems to be a pride in the fact that local retail is offering something very unique, an experience that adds real value beyond the transaction & this was very evident.
One store that caught my eye as something different was Juttu.
The name is actually Finnish for ‘story’. It aims to do shopping a little differently by telling the ‘story’ of all the products it sells. It’s a reaction against the world of 'click-to-buy' allowing visitors to take a more conscious, less impulsive approach when making purchases.
A business that challenges you to think about why you are buying something & consider its quality and sustainability? WOW that's almost unheard of these days - I love it!
JUTTU firmly believes 'slow shopping' should be a total experience.
Firstly, products are shown by style, not by brand. And all stores are divided into 5 quirky lifestyle corners with 100+ brands for the home & wardrobe available. This aims to inspire you to make a conscious choice & find your perfect purchase. So, depending on your mood, you will find your ideal match in one of these 5 corners: Her, His, Majestic, Air or Origin. Then wander over to The Yummy Food corner for some organic treats.
Even in a very busy high street, this was a shop you couldn’t rush around in. There was plenty to inspire & catch the eye, from brand storyboards, clever merchandising, great music, guest designer pop-up store, art installations & even a living green space full of plants, the lungs of the store.
It never felt like anyone was there to just sell to you either. Stylists & Lifestyle Specialists provided a genuinely personal touch. On the way out a recycling booth supporting the circular economy that’s so important. Although my teenage daughters weren’t with me, I could tell this was a store that would tick all their boxes.
Goed zo JUTTU!

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