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Acuity Menu


Acuity Menu

Is your F&B chain ready for £3 billion in growth?

The benefits of marketing locally for brands in the Food and Beverage (F&B) sector are significant.

Being local is where it’s at in 2022. This year Google is expecting more people than ever to online-to-offline purchase. 50% of all local search ends with a visit within 24 hours.
‘Near me’ search is massive. Not unexpectedly local ‘Takeout Restaurant’ search has grown by more than 20,000%. But now, customers are wanting to go back to actually eating out. And the market is expected to make a full recovery, exceeding its pre-pandemic value this year with further gains between 2022 and 2024.
Sources say there’s a potential £3 billion in growth up for grabs over those two years and managed, branded, or franchised pubs and restaurants are set to be the biggest winners. With returning customers expecting that local experience to match the online promise it means brand consistency and experience is more important than ever before.
So, are you ready?

Local marketing and branding are used to raise awareness for a business, increase the relevance of its messages and generate demand for its products and services within a well-defined area in and around the business location. The emphasis on location is crucial.

By concentrating marketing activities within a precise service area, the business can elevate chances that communications will yield response, whether through increased traffic in the store, or increased ordering by telephone or online.
Providing relevant branded materials to suit your local restaurants, cafeterias, cafés, fast-food joints, pubs, delis or canteens has multiple benefits. Not only will you ensure the customer experience is consistent, you will also engage your local partners in your marketing plans, increasing the footprint of your campaigns, offers and promotions.
Managing the marketing of your local partners can be a challenge. Businesses that invest in a distributed approach to their local marketing enjoy a large set of advantages over their more passive competitors.
·     Improved local marketing relevance
·     Increased brand awareness
·     Greater brand consistency
·     Faster campaign activation
·     Reduced production costs
·     Greater marketing effectiveness
·     Higher local marketer satisfaction
·     Better reporting.
So how do you do that? Let us show you how here. Or of course arrange a chat with me, I’d be delighted to have a conversation.

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