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My first few months at We Are Acuity.

I started as a Delivery Manager at We Are Acuity in July. The hiring process was enjoyable, including a face to face presentation, and it was amazing to be offered the role!

Getting to grips with the company and its culture was a smooth process, helped a lot by the welcoming We Are Acuity team and a thorough onboarding period. There was a good balance between teaching me how things should be done (briefing, quoting, scheduling) and letting me test things for myself. I spent the majority of my first month getting familiar with the systems and processes I would be using, as well as the main contacts at Citroën, my client. By the end of month 1, I was given responsibility to lead client meetings and had made my name known to many Dealers.
In month 2 I was given the trust to operate by myself, with the team always on hand for advice and guidance when I needed it. Working with such a large client in an ever-changing automotive industry saw lots of fast-paced briefs and big projects coming through our team. One of these was the Citroën Electric Vehicle event (a.k.a. Citroën EVent). As Delivery Manager I was involved in this project from the ideas and briefing stage to the delivery of digital and print assets, right the way through to the execution of the event! This came at a great time for me in just my second month as it exposed me to a more complicated and challenging campaign involving more moving pieces than usual. By the end of month 2 I had also travelled with the team to visit a Citroën Dealer and gained valuable insights into how they operate and the Marketing support they need. I even managed to test drive the awesome Citroën AMI!
Month 3 kicked off with quarter changeover as well as a large rebranding project which provided our team with lots of things to get stuck into. My first quarter changeover was successful and, again, exposed me to more industry specific practices. Being responsible in my role for the assets created for Citroën Dealers, a rebrand meant there were lots of digital assets that I needed to get updated to meet new brand guidelines. I would work closely with our Studio team on the required changes and keep track of the status of each item, which really put what I had learned so far to the test. The training and support I had received from Acuity during my onboarding really prepared me perfectly for this. I'm now at the end of month 3 and learning new things all the time.
This is great to hear Archie, keep up the good work!

If you like the idea of joining a team like ours, whether you are from a creative, technical or client service/project management background, or even if you are new to the agency world, then just have a look at our careers page. We are always keen to talk to the right people!

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