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Kickstarting careers for young creative talent.

It’s great to give something back! We Are Acuity consider ourselves hugely privileged to work in an industry we love, amongst amazing talent, lovely clients, and awesome brands.
It’s important we never forget that when we consider the great uncertainty faced by those looking to join the workplace in recent times.

So last year we got involved in #kickstart and after an extensive search we found Justin and Chloe. Two young, talented creatives looking for their first break on the career ladder. After 6 months, we asked them about their experiences…

“After graduating from University, the struggle was real for me to get a job due to the hit of COVID” said Justin who had been working temporarily in a Service Station. “This was when I became part of the Kickstart scheme and found We Are Acuity. The Kickstart programme is an opportunity for young people to gain valuable work experience and I am very glad I have this opportunity to work with Acuity.
My time at We Are Acuity is something to remember. It feels like a second home and the work-life balance comes naturally to me. The relationship between my colleagues is extraordinary; everyone is understanding and willing to help each other without hesitation.
The team are very caring too. I experienced this when I met with an accident a few months into the job. The amount of help and consideration given to me during that period is something I cannot put to words. It assisted me greatly while I recovered.
Overall, my experience so far at Acuity is something I will never forget; a place where I have met the most interesting people. Everyone is helping me become better and I have gained immense knowledge of the industry during my time here.”

Young mum Chloe said “A recent graduate looking for their first job into their chosen career path must be one of the most stressful processes. Not only was I looking for a business which would help me grow and build on my skills but somewhere I could gain great experience. We Are Acuity gave me the opportunity I was looking for. 
I began my role as a Junior Integrated Designer mostly working from home and one day in the office as COVID was still a huge factor in working life. I started training from my first week when I began working on jobs for big named brands, which was exciting and a huge learning curve.

Straight away I was given on the job training and help from my colleagues. I knew from the beginning this was the working environment for me as I was working alongside people happy to help while also given the opportunity to be creative.  
Almost 6 months later and from not wasting a minute of training, joining We Are Acuity was definitely the right decision and has given me the perfect steppingstone into my career.”

This experience has been fantastic for We Are Acuity too, and we are loving working with these talented young creatives as they climb the next rung of the career ladder. They’ve done amazing!
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