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Making local friends from local strangers.

People enjoying an outdoor local event

There are so many positives around right now, as our journey back to recovery begins. Having re-start dates set for some long-forgotten activities, alongside the vaccination programme going so well, has changed the atmosphere here in the UK.

The daffodils and lighter evenings don’t do any harm either, do they?

Everybody is desperate to get out again, in a safe way of course.

But, we predict that people won’t be travelling far and wide just yet. Holidays are most likely to be enjoyed in the UK this year, for example. And there’s a great opportunity for local councils, communities and businesses to create their own programme of events for the rest of the year.

Engaging in a meaningful way with the people closest to you is something we’ve always advocated for local business. ‘Making friends’ with strangers is an enduring form of awareness activity.

Remember, MOST people are NOT in-market for your product or service at any given time, so offer-advertising, which accounts for so much budget, is wasted on them.

It can cost very little to be present at school fetes, country shows, shopping centres, local sport events, local radio weekends – so 2021 might just be the perfect time for local firms to take their first steps into this type of outreach.

There’s a growing appetite for people to support local wherever they can. Being seen to support YOUR community at events like this might just turn those strangers into friends.

Friends who might well buy from you in the future…

Let’s #savelocalbusiness


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