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Can global brands really join local communities?

A hamburger for local marketing

From McDonald’s to Subway and from Hertz to Hilton - global franchise turnover runs into billions of pounds. The clamour to obtain some of the most successful franchises is immense. 

Because of this, most wield an awful lot of power. They have operating standards for every detail of the business and it's very strictly controlled and policed. It’s how they ensure a 100% consistent experience for every customer, in every location.

So why would they care about localisation

Let's take McDonald's as an example. We all know their main gig is the Big Mac, they spend millions reminding us how much we love it, at every opportunity.

But, the thing is, we don't ALL love it. There’s something about global ‘giants’ that, well…just puts some people off.

How do they win those extra few over? It may only mean small gains, but with 25,000 restaurants, tiny wins are real big bucks!

As we approach a general re-booting of ‘life’, perhaps they could hitch a ride on the more localised and community-oriented spirit that seems to have gained traction?

How would that look?

For ALL big franchisors, and this is not a moan about McDonald's (who actually do some sterling work at local level) perhaps be a little less 'faceless'?

The employees are locals, after all…they’re our people. Let's see and hear them on social channels and in local media. Get involved in community projects? Sponsor teams? Fund clean-ups? Show you're 'part of us'.

I suppose that the worry for brands is the difficulty in exerting control over so much localised, human activity. As soon as personality comes into play…well, anything could happen.

What do you think?

How might they play a more local game?


(Other burgers are available 😉)


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