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Local BIDs help #savelocalbusiness

Design work for local retailer marketing

Have you heard of BIDs?

BID stands for Business Improvement District – they’re set up in defined areas, located around town centres and there are about 200 in operation in the UK.

They charge a small levy to those businesses in the catchment to literally ‘improve the area’ and they can be hugely successful. There are 5-yearly ballots to keep BIDs in place (or not).

Our local operation, Watford BID, say: “Our vision is for a town centre where everyone feels safe, confident and comfortable, and where businesses thrive and prosper. Our town will be competitive and dynamic, a place that is attractive to businesses and investors”.

As it approaches the end of its 5-year tenure, its achievements can be clearly seen.

Additional security services and clean-up operations have had a hugely beneficial impact. But the additional marketing, promotional and campaign support the BID provides the town adds footfall, turnover and profit for everybody.

Seasonal festivals, Food Weeks, Gift Cards, Visitor Guides, Christmas Lights…the activity is endless.

We say Vote Yes to the next 5 years and help #savelocalbusiness

Here's some of the work we have done for our local BID!


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