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Local Marketing – don't panic, it’s not just about this month’s target.

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A common mistake we see the local branch of a big brand make, when it comes to their own marketing, is the total focus on the ‘here and now’.

"We’ve got targets to hit, so let’s get…
… Emails sent!"
... Facebook ads posted!"
… Banners placed!"
(or whatever the current silver bullet is).

The constant panic to SELL! SELL! SELL! just to keep up with HQ’s ever-changing time and volume goalposts is etched into their DNA. So much so, that instigating a behavioural change is almost impossible.

Or is it?

There is a way - and when it’s explained clearly to them we’ve seen radical improvements at organisations of every size.

It's one of the tools we provide - a template that sets out, in layman’s terms, what the typical buying-cycle looks like in THEIR sector.

And we suggest what marketing activities they could be doing to support EVERY part of that customer journey, not JUST the selling part.

  • How can they raise awareness locally, and when?
  • How can they build reputation amongst local prospects?
  • Where does customer retention fit in to their plans?

I'd like a copy of the Buyer Cycle Template


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