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Local Marketing - Branch level websites

Local Marketing - Branch level websites

When the big organisations put their websites together, specially the franchisors and companies with multiple outlets, they really go to town - with a focus on their brand. And as the www arena enters its third decade the levels of engagement, interactivity, relevance and navigation are significantly more sophisticated than ever before with "brand asset management" to the fore...aren’t they?

We think at best the answer is only ‘sometimes’, which, given the astronomical budgets often set aside for creating the right online presence is disappointing. Why only sometimes? Because usually, when you click through from the delicious main site to the local branches’ sites the come down is almost a crime.

This local site is almost certainly going to be the final destination on my purchasing journey, why let me down now? I’ve done all the research and I’m desperately seeking reassurance, I want to know that I can do business with these people.

What I DON’T want is a slightly cheaper- looking, clunkier version of the proprietary site. What I DO want is to see some personality and some added value. This is a chance for the local business to close the sale, give me ALL or at least SOME of these things, for example:

  • An online quote
  • Stock level check
  • Local delivery info
  • A live chat facility to answer my questions
  •  An online appointment or booking function
  • Click and collect
  • A call back request

All of this should be in addition to the usual opening hours, map and contact details. And it should be against a backdrop of relevant, local information and news so that I can form an opinion about my local store, not the generic brand.

How about a photo of the store manager on the home page, with a happy customer who has recently bought his fifth thingy-ma--jig in ten years from the same place. There’s reassurance for you! And what about some links to thingy-ma-jigs that are ONLY available at this store, or have been adapted to the local market? Maybe some news and photos of the local kids’ soccer teams that they sponsor. Basically some good quality local marketing.

All of this makes the store look like my local store and makes me feel like a valued customer. After all, that’s what I want to be.

And, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We provide all of this with marketing resource management software that has full content management, with as much or as little editable space as you want

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