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My first few months at We Are Acuity.

My first few months at We Are Acuity

Starting a new role can be daunting especially when you detour to a new line of work within a new industry. Naturally, there will be lots of jargon and industry specific terms and practices that you need to learn. This was the position I found myself in when I joined We Are Acuity as Delivery Manager.

My first three months at We Are Acuity have been a learning curve for sure. However, I found myself in a uniquely blessed position surrounded by mentors who are extremely experienced and passionate about our clients and our people. They were very open and keen to share their knowledge with me, showing me best practice and teaching me the ins and outs of the sector, enabling me to get up to speed quickly. But importantly, at a pace that was comfortable for me.

Thanks to a fantastic onboarding period I spent time with the entire agency team and learnt fully how Acuity operate as an agency. Within my first two weeks I was already taking briefs from the client and working with our studio, handling projects from start to finish. This for me was vital in my learning process. I learn best by doing and first hand experience. This has enabled me to quickly develop confidence in what I do on a day-to-day basis and roll out projects successfully whilst building a good relationship with internal teams and our client.

I work a hybrid week with two days working from home and three days in the office. The flexibility is great and ensures as a new starter I get the right balance of time with the team as well as the trust to work remotely.

All in all my first three months has been an exciting whirlwind of learning new skills and a completely new industry! I still have much to learn and I’m sure there will be challenges to overcome, but the environment at We Are Acuity means I’m learning more each day. The close-knit and supportive culture and family feel is something which I really enjoy.

If you like the idea of joining a team like ours, whether you are from a creative, technical or client service/project management background, or even if you are new to the agency world, then just have a look at our careers page. We are always keen to talk to the right people!

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