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My First Three Months at We Are Acuity!


During university, one of my marketing lecturers told me the leap from the first year to second year of uni was like jumping from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end. Then the second year to the final year is like going from the deep end to straight off a cliff. He was correct with his analogy.

The final leap from the final year of university to my first career related job at We Are Acuity was like reaching the bottom of that cliff…and landing on a soft bed. That is not to say that the job is all cute, relaxing and cuddly…because it isn’t, and it shouldn’t be if you want to work in marketing. The bed represents the level of support I have been given since my first day in the office. This is what truly surprised me during my first three months at We Are Acuity and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Second to this is the level of accountability I’ve been given from day one. To go from a hard-working university student to helping the team manage vital campaigns for our clients…this is something I often pinch myself about. The level of trust at We Are Acuity is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. On top of this, most days in the office don’t even feel like work because the friendships I have built with colleagues and clients make my day in the office something to look forward to.

No day is the same, that is the nature of marketing. We Are Acuity recognises this better than almost anyone. You would think most jobs outside of university wouldn’t accept a graduate’s input in the workplace. We Are Acuity recognises the value of their employees’ ideas and skills, at every level. Ideas are everything and when ideas are everything, we have the power to create those ideas. This is one of the aspects I love the most. Taking an idea from initial concept and delivering it to the best of my ability…the positive feedback from the client is always highly rewarding too. We Are Acuity has also allowed me to develop my skills in social media advertising, Google Analytics, Google Ads and many other areas.

I have come a long way since my first day at We Are Acuity. I initially started as a fresh-faced university student with less than a year of marketing experience on my resume. Now I feel confident as a Delivery Manager in a pod that can make a genuine difference.

Thank you for taking a chance on me We Are Acuity.

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