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My time with Acuity…

Will enjoying a game of pool

At We Are Acuity we love to share our experience and support with those looking to start their career in Advertising, Design and Marketing. Whether it be Internship roles turning into full-time positions, or hiring the latest graduate talent, we’re always searching for the next superstar to join the Acuity family. 

Recently we were delighted to welcome Will De Fries for Work Experience. Will made a great impression on us all and provided some lovely feedback below. We thought it was worth a share!

"Hi! I'm Will, and for the past 3 days I’ve been enjoying work experience at We Are Acuity. On the first day, I came in with a very limited understanding of the marketing world, knowing only the absolute basics. However, since then I’ve been taught and shown not only the more commercial side of marketing, but also the creative process that goes on behind the scenes!

Honestly, my first day was nerve wracking, given that the whole idea of an adult working environment is even still pretty foreign to me, but the entire team really couldn’t have been more welcoming.

The day was kicked off with the first task – creating a spreadsheet of important holidays and celebrations, relevant to both We are Acuity and its clients. This will be used as part of a social media content plan moving forwards. After this, I was given the opportunity to sit in on a Compass meeting, the very start of the briefing process. I also sat with the design team who showed me how the actual creative comes to life. It was really interesting to see how much detail and effort goes into getting everything ready for the client, and to later be put on social media or on a website. Other tasks included working on a storyboard for a video, to give me more insight into how the inner workings of these projects come together. Finally, I had a 1-on-1 with the Creative Lead, who walked me through things like how a client brief is reviewed, how the companies ‘Pod system’ works, and more in-depth detail of how the agency operates.

Overall, I had a great time at Acuity, learning with the best how local marketing works, all while enjoying what they do. I also managed a game of pool or two. A massive thanks to Acuity for having me."

We’re sure great things await Will and maybe one day we’ll see him back at Acuity Towers. We’ve a number of roles open right now so check out our careers page to understand more about opportunities and life at We Are Acuity.

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