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Acuity Menu

Connecting online and offline

Brilliant store design

With restrictions about to be lifted here in the UK, there's a fear that all the 'Love Local' feeling that has built up during lockdowns might be forgotten as people return to less regulated activities.

Let's hope not!

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 17.45.23

Lots of small businesses on the local high street have been there for us throughout (if allowed) and many have transformed into a hybrid online/offline operation to make life even easier for us.

Facebook have created a number of initiatives to help independents to 'get digital'.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 17.47.00

They introduced Facebook Shops last year, giving many business owners some simple first steps into e-commerce and they've just started on a brilliant programme of promoting some of the bricks and mortar stores that use Facebook Shops.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 17.46.18

Here are two or three of the 13 stores, nationwide, they've gone into so far to create a whole new look with some dazzling displays!

These brilliant designs have made a huge difference to their physical presence and also add a number of digital features so that everything is connected.

Hats off to Facebook for supporting small businesses like this, it all helps to #savelocalbusiness


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