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Painting the town red, yellow, purple and blue


We Are Acuity have been commissioned by Watford BID to brighten up the high street over the coming months using place banners. Aiming for a visual representation of the town, we teamed up with local sculpture artist Marco Caruso to help us depict scenes; places to relax, venues to experience, activities to discover and famous Watford people – all of which have helped define what the town is. These concept sketches were then turned into graphic art pieces by one of our designers, Ryan Coates. The punchy, polygonic style cuts through the grey of winter and we hope Welcomes you to Watford.

We will follow these designs with actual 3D sculptures which will be placed around the town to form a competition trail involving social sharing. There will be 12 sculpts to find, each will help you discover something unique about the town. 


Marco’s work has an unconventional twist, he creates hand sculpted illustrations of quirky characters using a variety of materials; each project begins as a sketch and is then fleshed out using clay, paint and other materials and odd bits and pieces he has stumbled across. Each piece of work stands at 7-8 inches tall and lives in a miniature world to give context and bring the characters to life.


This collaboration between artist and graphic designer is a great example of disciplines overlapping to produce unexpected results, we are looking forward to sharing some of this process and the final work once it is up around the town. Watch this space.

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