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The rise and rise of personalised audio marketing

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The media channels available to advertisers who have localised marketing on their agenda have grown enormously.

Maybe none more so that audio.


Long gone are the days when generic broadcast ads on the radio were the only option. It was expensive, difficult to target (beyond a station’s geographical reach) and mind-numbingly repetitive.

Advances in the digital audio space have created a new landscape.

Just think about your day-to-day activities – streaming music, listening to podcasts, voice-searching on Alexa, asking Waze where to find a pizza…you get the picture, so to speak?

Digital audio currently enjoys almost 40 million UK users and that number is heading skywards at a phenomenal pace.

For us, the most interesting aspect is the level of localisation and personalisation that can be deployed.

Driven by data, messages delivered to YOU can be subtly, but crucially different to the messages delivered to somebody else, perhaps even in the same household.

Your love of pepperoni is no secret!

It means that local-level marketers now have access to genuine precision targeting in the most exciting media channel. And what's more, it’s affordable because they only pay for delivery to the right people.


Talk to us...we're listening!

Whether you want to be able to make audio marketing more readily available for your network of local partners to access on a self-serve basis through a Retailer Marketing Hub, or have the service managed entirely by us...get in touch for a chat.




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