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Pride is local.

The pandemic has reignited something we had begun to forget in recent years. Pride in all things local. Every city, town and village around the country has its local heroes, be they people, places, or things. They are icons and personify something unique, magical, and special. Something that local communities can rally behind. It’s such an important part of culture and identity. And alongside sport, music is one of the most powerful.

This weekend the UK has seen one of the busiest rosters of musical headline acts for many a year. Major venues up and down the country have been packed with crowds watching the likes of Adele (the girl from Tottenham), The Rolling Stones (London lads from Dartford & Hillingdon) and Ed Sheeran (the Suffolk boy from Framlingham done good).
And the last couple of nights have been huge for We Are Acuity’s hometown of Watford too. Our town’s biggest icon Elton John hosted his Final Tour ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ at Watford Football Club across two nights. As any fan will know, Sir Elton has long had a close affinity with this local family club WFC and is much beloved by the town through our shared passion for the Hornets.
In celebration of his impact on the town and club, Watford Borough Council had the vision to recently commission a series of huge murals of Sir Elton and other local icons around the town. The council clearly appreciate the power of these icons in strengthening the identity of what could otherwise be seen as a just another small commuter town in the shadow of London.
Over the last few weeks, MurWalls have been creating some truly inspirational and vibrant large-scale artworks focussed on the cultural icons of our town. Featuring Sir Elton John, Graham Taylor, George Michael and beyond, it’s yet another reason why #Watford has created a desirable destination and a great place to live and work. This appreciation and understanding of the value of local identity is also having a resurgence nationally and it feels REALLY good!
Towns with a strong local identity like Watford are recovering faster than many from the pandemic and will likely be more resilient during any future downturn. Continued investment from a forward-thinking Council and active Watford BID both of whom value local business as being integral to success also helps. With the advent of hybrid work staying local is very attractive, and a strong community is at the heart of this. Well done Watford for really understanding #local.

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Photos courtesy of Watford Council.

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