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Shaking up the Automotive sector.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with automotive clients is a shiny new model launch. And right now there is more than one shiny new model on the horizon for us. And both of them are game changers.

Citroen's C5 X arrives in UK dealerships soon and bucks several automotive trends. Electrification is a priority for the brand, but interestingly C5 X will be launched with hybrid and petrol engine options only. It’s not yet another lumbering electric SUV in a saturated marketplace. Instead the model creates its own unique segment, bringing together the best attributes of an estate, saloon and SUV in a practical, room and crucially, emissions efficient form.

At the same time, the 100% electric Citroen Ami also arrives, providing a daring response to the mobility challenges faced in today's urban environments. With a range of 43 miles, a top speed of 28mph and a uniquely designed body that's completely symmetrical, it certainly stands out from the crowd. Demand is anticipated to outstrip supply in 2022 and its already scooped a number of awards.

Two very different models, both attracting lots of attention. Some would say this is refreshing. Something new, something different. Perfect for today's mobility challenges! Others would say it’s a brave decision to move away from the norm. As always We Are Acuity will ensure that Citroen's retailers are armed and educated for success. A consistent approach to marketing these unique game changers is crucial for success and they will be fully supported with relevant materials, the right strategic advice and self-service or managed-service options for their marketing.

With over twenty years of working with Citroen we know they’ve never been afraid to stand out from the crowd and we’re excited to see both models hit the road. What do you think of these new arrivals? Can you see one on your drive?

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