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Sick of hearing that same radio ad? How about if it was tailored just for you?

How to create dynamic audio ads

What if the ad was for McDelivery of your favourite burger and fries, with a lunchtime offer, on a sunny day? Or for your favourite brand of winter running gear, available in a local store just as the weather took a turn. Or a 24-hour test drive on the car you were browsing online just the day before, knowing the local retailer had your perfect spec and colour available right now.

Would that be spooky? Well 56% of people surveyed don’t think so, as they are willing to exchange their data for better ad experiences, whilst 51.9% revealed they are more likely to buy from a brand whose ads are personalised.

In a world where Amazon and Netflix have revolutionised customer experience through personalisation, it’s incredulous that most audio and video advertising is still being delivered using the same repetitive processes that have been annoying customers since the 1950s! Studies have shown consistently that the thing consumers dislike most in relation to advertising is over-repetition of the same ad. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way…

Those of you who regularly follow We Are Acuity’s blogs know we have something of a penchant for local marketing and improved relevancy in advertising. In fact, that’s a massive understatement – we’re kind of obsessed! Why? Because we know the added value it can bring to a local audience, i.e. your customers.

Now of course, dynamic creative in digital advertising isn’t all that new, but what many advertisers don’t know is that dynamic creative is available for digital audio too! During the pandemic, digital audio grew in popularity with listeners. eMarketer estimates that digital audio accounted for 11% of total media time per day for US adults last year and will account for 11.7% this year (on average, 1 hour 34 minutes per day).

And that’s fantastic for brands that are trying to engage with local audiences. They can avoid traditional ad fatigue by serving ads that are different each time, with improved relevancy to the customer using contextual and first-party data to personalize the creative in interesting and engaging ways without compromising data privacy.

By acknowledging the real-time local weather conditions, or the day of the week, time of day, or any other contextual data point in your ad creative you will give it an extra level of relevance and cut-through with consumers. Even a small amount of personalisation is enough to make an ad significantly more effective than standard, generic creative.

So now is the time for brands to tap the full potential of their digital audio ad spending through privacy compliant personalisation. If you’d like to know more about how We Are Acuity, our friends at Get Carter Productions and the world’s first and only dynamic audio company A Million Ads can help, speak to us today.

Here's a great example of dynamic local radio from Aveeno Baby!


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