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The Seven Deadly Sins of Local Marketing.

Seven deadly sins of local marketing.
It’s hard to believe but We Are Acuity has been in and around local marketing for 25 years this year. We love this space… it’s where transactions take place… it’s hectic, competitive, and great fun. But it’s very important too.

Local business underpins our communities. It employs us, it provides for us and it unites us. Even after the unprecedented few years we’ve just had, 72% of our shopping is still carried out in-person, in-store! It seems the death of physical retail has been greatly exaggerated!

Recent research even shows of those who buy both online and offline, most say their preference is to buy offline at a rate of 72.4% offline to 27.6% online, so there is still real value in having a strong physical presence. Online has its place, of course, but our local businesses are vital.

Our observations over the years have revealed a few places where brands might not be supporting their local partners’ marketing the most effective way. And as they frequently recur, regardless of which sector the brands are in, we decided to make a list. Who doesn’t like a good list after all?

There were seven areas. So, we’ve called them the 7 Deadly Sins of Local Marketing. They’re not sins, of course, but it’s a fun headline, right?

1. Co-Op Funding.
2. Marketing Experience.
3. Legal Process.
4. Brand Consistency.
5. Measurement.
6. Media Choices.
7. Production Costs.

Over the coming weeks we will describe each one here on LinkedIn and then offer some redemption, obviously. You might recognise some of these. There’s no shame in that, most brands are ‘guilty’ of at least a couple!

National to Local experts We Are Acuity have 25 years experience in effective local marketing for national brands. If you are impatient to know more, why not visit this page to download the full range of fascinating FREE ebooks today? Packed with tips, tricks and ideas it will be well worth your time. See you next week!

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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