When trade associations are vital

When trade associations are vital

2021 might be the most important year ever for local businesses, coming off the back of an impossibly difficult trading year.

Collective buying, banking, business service and lobbying are a great way for independents to compete with the chains and superstores.

Bira - British Independent Retailers Association represents 6,500 members in all those areas and cover every sector, from Hardware and Cookware stores to Fashion, Health and Pet shops.

Local, independent retailers most often employ between 5-10 staff and account for around £50 billion in sales, so they’re a vitally important part of our economy as well as our communities.

It was really interesting to read two or three of their blog pieces online recently. They offer identical advice to us at We Are Acuity about local marketing in lockdown conditions...

Bira's Blog: Click here

We Are Acuity's Blog: Click here

We’ll be watching their news with interest in the coming weeks and months.

Great work Bira…it all helps to #savelocalbusiness



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