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We are delighted to think globally. Act locally.

We were invited to join a Watford Sustainable Business Programme Workshop in conjunction with #Watford BID and #Sustainable X. The programme was designed to help local businesses understand what being a sustainable business means, measure carbon footprint and current practices and help to identify actions and create achievable, long-term plans.

The workshop took place at the beginning of March and was an excellent introduction into sustainable business, really informative and great to see a good diverse selection of Watford business engaging - By completing the workshop, We are Acuity earned our first badge as a ‘'Watford Sustainable Business 2022 – Aware’

Off the back of the workshop, we have started measuring different areas of sustainability like Carbon footprint and employee diversity and will continue to measure these areas moving forward to improve them.

So, what are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint? Well the main area for us is to reduce the amount of energy we are using - a great way for us to do this is to change our lighting from the current illuminated strip lighting to more environmentally friendly LED fixtures and fittings. So we are busy getting quotes for this and looking to implement these changes over the next month or two which will help to significantly reduce our energy consumption which is obviously great for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint and also great for our finances too!

We have now earned our second badge and are a ‘Watford Sustainable Business 2022 – Committed’ badge holder and proud to be doing our bit towards sustainability.

Everyone can play there part in thinking globally but acting locally! If you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

Or get in touch with us today to learn about growing your local business. You can book a FREE 30 minute chat here.

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