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What's on your doorstep?

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, a visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is undoubtedly a must-do experience. And being a bit of a fan myself with daughters who are also fans, it was high time that we took the tour.

Located right on the doorstep of We Are Acuity, it's pretty embarrassing that I hadn't ventured there yet, especially considering it has been welcoming visitors for the past 12 years! I do think it’s a common occurrence that attractions in our local areas often go unnoticed, perhaps due to their proximity making us think we can visit whenever we get the chance, but then never do.

Fortunately, it’s not just the local community that visits, as tourists from all around the globe flock to the studios. I wouldn't be surprised if every train stopping at Watford Junction carried at least one dressed up muggle on their way to the tour. With up to 6,000 visitors per day during peak times, it's safe to say they are thriving… even without my attendance!

As for the tour itself, I thought it was fantastic. It was really like stepping into the magical film series. From the moment you enter via the Great Hall, you’re transported to Hogwarts and surrounded by all the intricate details that you can’t even see on screen.

And that’s what struck me the most really. The sheer amount of work that goes into these projects is just colossal. Something I haven’t really appreciated previously when watching films – it just hasn’t occurred to me.

The tour covers everything including Sets, Props, Costumes, SFX & VFX, Creature Effects and the Art Department. Coming from a design background myself, it was the art department that fascinated me the most to be honest. Again, I hadn’t appreciated the size and scope of everything that was needed. The Art Department were responsible for everything from the Hogwarts Castle model that was used for the actual filming in the first film to hundreds of technical drawings used in the set design process. My favourite part they worked on though was the Graphic Design project. They were responsible for bringing the visual world of Harry Potter to life on screen. This included everything you can think of – just look at the photo below. And just to get a small idea of the work involved, this included over 40 editions of The Daily Prophet newspaper featured in the films.

I recently discovered that Warner Bros. Studio actively engages with the local community and collaborates with local companies, which is a fantastic initiative for the area. Add that to the actual jobs they’ve created for local people, it really is a boon to have them on our doorstep.

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