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When local supports global.

Last Sunday five crack quiz teams from We Are Acuity took part in local Watford charity Goods for Good ‘Spring Quiz Extravaganza’.


This virtual event once again proved hugely popular bringing together over 140 households, from all over the world for a wonderful evening of entertainment and raised a staggering £14,000 for good causes with a focus on the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


The event made for a great night. Hosted by Craig Squires of The Events Factory and starring the charity’s very own Trustee & Treasurer Ian Crooke as the cunning Grand Quiz Master. The challenging interactive quiz had a half-time interlude where we were all entertained by magician Nick Einhorn who simply blew our minds! Although We Are Acuity’s teams didn’t walk away with any prizes, we didn’t embarrass ourselves either and all had a great night in! Fantastic work by all involved and a huge sum raised too.


In today’s post we wanted to say a big thank you and shed some more light on this amazing team. We’ve all been captivated by this Watford charity and how they are proving that local efforts can make a huge difference to the world.


Goods for Good believe that everyone has a right to dignity and hope, and they’ve made it their job to help vulnerable individuals and communities, whoever they are and wherever they may be whilst at the same time reducing waste and the negative impact it has on our shared planet. What a fantastic purpose!


It’s a mighty cause and an amazing operation managed by Rosalind Bluestone, Founder & CEO and her wonderful team. Since July 2014 over £33 million worth of goods have been delivered from their UK operations and more than 25 countries have benefited from their donations. This of course includes the current crisis in Ukraine as well as the Middle East, Afghanistan, Romania, Kurdistan, Greece, Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Moldova, the Philippines and localised support in the UK in response to Covid19.

They provide a service to UK industry and work with generous industry donors including Harrods, Regatta, Somerbond, NIKE, Comfy Quilts, NEXT, Steiner Outdoor, Safety First Aid Group and DUNE to mention a few. From Watford they transport goods across the globe to communities in need.

So here’s a big thank you to Goods for Good. If you’d like to support them or get involved you can do so here.

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