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Local Marketing Challenge #4: Distressing!

Distressing Brand Integrity

Balancing brand integrity in network marketing.

Yay! Your network is doing their own marketing and helping to promote the business. BUT… it’s not on-message, or it’s off-brand, or both, and it’s doing more harm than good. What to do?

You don’t want to discourage their marketing efforts, your network is a powerful tool for amplifying your brand and offer, but they can’t have a free reign. They’re probably not marketers, their expertise lies elsewhere.

You also don’t want to lock everything down and in doing so, prevent them adding valuable insight of their local audience, or prevent them tailoring promotions to suit their own goals.

It’s a dilemma. But it’s one We Are Acuity has been solving for ambitious brands for over 25 years. Whether it’s via an online marketing platform providing on-brand advertising templates with the ability to edit and adapt (within set parameters of course), or via a cost-effective managed service where our expert creative marketing team deliver materials to tick both yours and your network’s boxes.

It’s Local Marketing and it’s what we do best.

It's important.

Brand integrity is crucial in network marketing as it represents the values, identity, and reputation of your business. It ensures consistency in messaging, visual elements, and overall brand experience across all channels and touchpoints.

When your network members understand and uphold the brand integrity, it helps in building trust and credibility among customers. It also creates a cohesive and unified brand image, making it easier for customers to recognise and relate to your brand.

By maintaining brand integrity, you establish a strong foundation for your network marketing efforts, ensuring that your team's marketing activities align with the overall brand strategy and objectives.

It's not always easy.

One of the challenges in network marketing is finding the right balance between brand guidelines and individual marketing styles and needs. While it's important to provide guidelines and standards to maintain brand consistency, it's equally important to allow your network members to express their individuality and creativity in their marketing efforts.

To overcome this challenge, you can provide your network with training and resources that help them understand the brand guidelines and how to apply them effectively.

You can invest in an online Marketing Platform to provide your network with on-brand templates for advertising, allowing them the freedom to insert their own offers, headlines, images, in fact anything you permit within your set parameters.

By striking the right balance, you can leverage the strengths and unique perspectives of your network members while ensuring that the overall brand integrity is preserved.

How we can help.

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial in network marketing to ensure a unified and recognisable brand identity. To achieve this, we can help you implement several strategies:

1. Develop comprehensive brand guidelines that clearly define the visual elements, tone of voice, and messaging guidelines to be followed by your network members.

2. Provide training and resources to educate your network on the brand guidelines and how to apply them consistently across different marketing channels.

3. Provide your network with a Marketing Platform which can act as an asset management platform where you can share brand assets, or enable dynamic editing of on-brand advertising templates.

4. Employ an agency who understand localised marketing and the importance of brand consistency with a proven track record.


To find out more about how we can help you with localised or network marketing, get in touch with us today.

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