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Confident branding built on trust.

With a team of experienced professionals dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, TwinStream offers cutting-edge services that go above and beyond industry standards. Their cutting-edge technology and diverse expertise make them a trusted partner for large organisations looking to fortify their digital defences.

When they approached us for a complete branding project, they had full confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results, knowing they were in the hands of true experts in the field.

“The best part of working with We Are Acuity was their expertise. The team have been fantastic, guiding us through what does and doesn't work.”

Ant Gallagher



The current logo and branding had been in use since the business’ inception and there was a deep seeded connection to it by some within the company. And, as so often occurs in these cases, there was some trepidation about going through the rebranding process.

This was a pivotal moment in TwinStream’s journey of growth and development. With a focus on professionalising and modernising their branding, the company aimed to not only attract current and potential clients but also enhance their recruitment efforts.

Their website had also been in use since the company’s early days and just didn’t have the information about the organisation or showcase its size, stability, and dynamic nature, TwinStream recognised this and sought to improve candidate perception and highlight the exciting career opportunities available within the company.

This rebranding initiative was a strategic move to not only elevate their brand image but also to position themselves as an employer of choice in this competitive market.


Knowing TwinStream hadn’t been through a rebrand before, we understood this could be challenging for them. But we also knew that our proven process would allay any fears they might have and support them every step of the way so they can feel confident with the decisions they were making.

This is our proven 5 step rebrand process:

1. Interrogate the Brief: The team analyses the brief and ask questions such as what are the project's goals, audience, and requirements.

2. In-depth Competitor Research: We investigate industry and sector trends and competitors.

3. Concept Creation and Development: Develop several design concepts based on the research. Include details that convey message of logo concepts.

4. Final Refinement: Select the best concept and refine it with client feedback.

5. Receive Approval: Obtain final client approval on the design, finalise all required assets and develop brand guidelines.

We started step one with a deep dive into the brief, uncovering the essence of TwinStream and what truly sets them apart in the competitive tech industry. With a keen focus on attracting top talent, we homed in on the key selling points that would resonate with potential employees and showcase the unique opportunities that TwinStream has to offer.

Moving beyond the initial briefing, our research took us on a comprehensive journey through the market landscape, conducting a thorough analysis of their competitors to identify gaps and opportunities for differentiation.

By delving into the nuances of iconography and colour psychology, we were able to craft a visual identity that not only aligns with TwinStream's brand essence but also stands out in the crowded tech sector.

This immersive approach allowed us to truly understand the company, its positioning in the industry, and the graphic elements that would speak to their target audience.




The new logo we created for TwinStream was more than just a symbol - it was a representation of their identity and values. By incorporating a subtle 'TS' monogram into a 3D cube emblem, we not only made it instantly recognisable as TwinStream, but also highlighted the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the company. This new logo was designed to stand out in the competitive tech industry, attracting top talent and setting TwinStream apart from the rest.

In addition to the logo, we also developed comprehensive brand guidelines that outlined the tone of voice and visual identity for TwinStream. This included a vibrant colour palette, an eye-catching repeating pattern, and a detailed guide on how to use imagery effectively. These guidelines were essential in establishing a cohesive and impactful brand presence for TwinStream.

Building on this foundation, we then created a brand new website for TwinStream that was not only visually stunning but also highly functional. This website was designed to showcase TwinStream's unique offerings, attract top talent, and support their continued growth in the industry.

You can explore the impressive website we created for TwinStream by clicking here.

During the entire process we developed a full set of 80 assets which included:
The logo (including 60 different formats and file types), brand guidelines, website, recruitment guide, Powerpoint templates, Word templates, business cards, document covers, email signatures, LinkedIn post images, Social post images, onboarding box, hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, notebooks, stickers, lanyards and even sweets.

In fact everything they could possibly need and everything they needed to create things they didn’t even know they needed yet!





The client's enthusiasm for the new branding and assets we delivered was palpable, as they showered us with praise and a perfect score on our post-project feedback forms.

With this new branding strategy in place, the client is confident that their brand perception has experienced a significant boost, leading to a surge in interest and engagement with TwinStream.


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£8k spend, 4 week turnaround for Research, Development and Logo creation.
£5k spend, 3 week turnaround for Brand Guidelines and Merchandise.
£3k spend, 2 week turnaround for Stationery and Microsoft Templates.
£1k spend, 1 week turnaround for Social Templates.