One ad...thousands of versions

On ad, thousands of versions

For brands that operate with a network of local partners, in different locations, it can sometimes be difficult to co-ordinate campaigns around the country.

When it comes to events, offers or new products, for example, there are often so many variables and different requirements that it’s a logistics nightmare. Add to that the problems of some of the partners opting in or out of a campaign and you can see how complex it can all get. 

But, we have a great case study here that demonstrates that no matter how tricky a campaign might look, we have a perfect solution.

It’s called dynamic creative – we set up a campaign in a way that allows certain parts of the creative to change, dynamically, driven by whichever data we feed it - dates, prices, locations…in fact anything you can think of, even pictures or video!

Being able to manage different elements of an ad, remotely and in real-time while it’s actually live saves a huge amount of time, money and stress for everybody. And, on top of that, the resulting campaigns are more relevant and therefore more effective.

You can read more about that project and the results here:


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