DS Automobiles Digital Display


Using Dynamic Creative to increase relevancy, accelerate turnaround and reduce cost.

DS Automobiles wanted a way to communicate its savoir-faire brand essence more effectively while engaging with local audiences, measured by the number of test drives booked with local retailers. Acuity came up with a digital animation which combined relevant messages & tactical offers with the personal touch of a local DS retailer. But most importantly using dynamic creative, we could change the messages, offers, and models in real-time whilst saving the client time and money.

3.3 million +


As well as being highy effective, using a dynamic approach literally saved the client thouands of pounds and many man hours.


Our pragmatic solution would need to drive business across the whole network of 36 DS retailers. Collaborating with a media agency, we calculated that to deliver digital display banners, personalised to each individual retailer, and updated with new offers and messages for each, Acuity would normally need to build and supply more than 1,100 banners across five banner formats and six separate campaigns.

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To keep DS Automobiles ahead of the competition we would need to ensure that our local audience was receiving the right offer at the right time. Our ability to update messages in real-time, at scale, while continuing to drive conversion rates would be central to the campaign’s success.



As experts in Retailer Marketing where relevancy and personalisation are key, Acuity’s dynamic digital solution made the most of current technology and allowed us to deliver an intricately planned, complex range of banner campaigns, whilst reducing the number of executions, thereby cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and saving the client time.

Whenever we received a campaign update, we could apply the new pricing and messaging simultaneously simply by updating the source Google sheet connected to an Ads Manager. Because we planned and built the campaign with this template model in mind, there was no need to update each banner individually. As a result, we could react to any request, and support the retailer network and their key campaigns incredibly quickly.


DS Automobiles has been able to advertise the models and deals in its product range creatively, flexibly and cost-effectively, whilst optimising display campaign performance in real-time. As well as being highy effective, using a dynamic approach literally saved the client thouands of pounds and many man hours.

This dynamic digital display campaigns delivered above average results for the DS Automobiles network:

Impressions: 3,379,540

CTR: 0.55%

Clicks 18,719

Results Source: Universal McCann media buyers appointed by DS Automobiles.


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